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Medium and Standard Austrailian Labradoodle Puppies – Mabel and Doc pups are 2 weeks old!


Australian Labradoodle Puppies to come in August 2012!

We are super excited about the upcoming litters we have coming to us here at Coulee Labradoodles.

Hannah has been bred to Wyatt Earp of Prairie Doodles and we expect gorgeous medium and standard Australian Labradoodle puppies around June 10th.  These labradoodle puppies will be gold, red, creme and caramel in color.

Ginger has been bred to our MacGuyver, we expect medium and standard Australian Labradoodle pups from this pairing.  Puppies will be dark caramel, caramel creme and chocolate in color, with amazing fleecey coats.

Check out our expected litters at http://www.couleelabradoodles.com

Hannah and Prairie’s Wyatt Honeymoon!

It’s a Dogs Life! Or should we say, A Doodles Life!


 Mellow and her sister KC find their favorite positions in the house, move over Dave and Heather, here come the Labradoodles!

Christmas Labradoodles, check out No Collar Girl!

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Christmas Labradoodle Puppies, check out Ginger’s Orange Girl

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