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Australian Labradoodles – Mabel Puppies are 3 weeks of age!

Mabel puppies are 3 weeks old!  The pups are well on their way to learning some life lessons from their momma.   They are just the most adorable chubby babies.


Hannah Pups are 7 weeks old!

Wow, how the time flies, Hannah and Wyatt’s two beauties are 7 weeks old already.  The darling boy will be joining his family in California!  The girlie will be staying here at Coulee Labradoodles and will join our breeding program if she passes all of her health testing:)  Thank you Hannah for all the beautiful babies:)ImageImage

Hannah Puppies 2 week Photo Shoot!

Hello Paige and family,
Here’s a picture of Sammy, to show you how well he’s growing and how happy we all are with him being here!
Sam is a very brave little guy, can jump like a lamb, with all four in the air, is happy all day and loves learning tricks.
He loves having people, including little children, around and is very playful and friendly with all dogs in the neighbourhood and family, so we are very much pleased with him.
Nikki is in this picture, she lives in Amsterdam, but since Sam is here she visits us frequently, and so does Laure (the allergic one), who lives in Haarlem and who finally starts believing that she doesn’t get sick when cuddling him.
We thank you for your great care for this little pup, that is the only thinkable explanation why he is so self confident, joyful and calm (except when he’s got his wild half hour), even after traveling all over the world to get here.
We’ll keep you informed!
Els and Ellen (and Nikki and Laure)

Puppy Arrivals!

It has been a very busy couple weeks here at Coulee Labradoodles.  Gia delivered 7 healthy pups, 6 boys and one girl.  We have been waiting quite sometime for Gia to take over her momma Stella’s reins.  Gia has proved to be worth waiting for.  Lilo delivered 8 puppies on January 26th, 4 chocolates and 4 black pups.  Charlie Brown sired this litter and will add some great new blood to our breeding program.  Mazzy then blessed us with 7 darling babies on January 27th!  Holy Cow!! Crazy times.  This is Mazzy’s second time paired with our Oscar and they have not disappointed us!  4 chocolates and 3 caramel pups.  Pictures will be uploaded soon, I’m working on getting caught up so our upcoming puppy families can see the new babies which will be joining their families.  If you are interested in any of these spring litters, please contact Paige at