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Australian Labradoodle Puppies Ready NOW!

Mabel and Doc have produced a litter of the most beautiful pups, congratulations to all the families who will be bringing one of these babies into their homes and their hearts!


Australian Labradoodles – Mabel Puppies are 3 weeks of age!

Mabel puppies are 3 weeks old!  The pups are well on their way to learning some life lessons from their momma.   They are just the most adorable chubby babies.

Medium and Standard Austrailian Labradoodle Puppies – Mabel and Doc pups are 2 weeks old!

Roux and MacGuyver welcome puppies into the world!

On Thursday July 19th Roux delivered 8 little puppies, 2 black, 2 chocolate, and 4 caramels.  Way to go Roux!  Check back often to see the puppies as they grow.  For adoption information visit our website at