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Caramel Machiatto Pups Arrive!

IMG_2677 IMG_2679 IMG_2681_2 IMG_2684 IMG_2688_2 IMG_2693_2 IMG_2695_2 IMG_2697_2 IMG_2701_2 IMG_2704_2Way to go Caramel Machiatto and MacGuyver!  6 Awesome pups in chocolate and caramel creme!  A beautiful litter which we have been waiting and waiting for!  Check back often for updates on our adorable spring litters.


IMG_2741 IMG_2740 IMG_2739 IMG_2738 IMG_2736 IMG_2731 IMG_2726 IMG_2724

Gorgeous, chocolate drops!  Way to go Mellow and Rocky!

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Super excited to announce the expected and long awaited pairing with our Nina and Mac. These pups will mature to standard in size, caramel and chocolate in color and with amazing fleece coats. Puppies are due any day now!  Contact Paige at

Caramel Machiatto and Macguyver have Honeymooned!