Monthly Archives: March 2012

Coulee’s Roxy-Rolla has found her way to Atlanta, Georgia!

Coulee’s Roxy-Rolla has found her way into Kristen’s home where she is loved!  Roxy will be joining Kristen’s breeding program in 2013.  Congratulations Kristen!  Keep the updates coming 🙂Image


Gia Pups find their way home, we’ll miss you!


Grass Fire comes too close for comfort…

Puppy Allocations for Mazzy and Lilo will be pushed back a day or so…We have had a day from H***! We live on 5 acres, our next door neighbor was using his burning barrel yesterday, we have a fire ban on right now, the winds picked up over 110km an hour, turned over the barrel and started a major grass fire! We have our four dogs that live with us full time, and the 3 guardian moms and 22 puppies! We had to evacuate our property…The volunteer fire department did a phenomenal job!

A Huge THANK YOU to the Coaldale Fire Department!

Gia Pups are 6 weeks old, these pups are to die for!