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Coulee’s Bubba meets his new family, the Berkholz’s


Coulee’s Truffles, ohh, how I love chocolate!

Thank you Renee for the picture of Truffles, I hope you are enjoying her as much as we did.  This darling little girl traveled to Holland in October of 2011, a world traveler she is!

Coulee’s Beamer! This handsome Australian Labradoodle lives in Germany with the Beland Family

Thank you for the great pictures of Beamer, what a handsome boy!

It’s a Dogs Life! Or should we say, A Doodles Life!


 Mellow and her sister KC find their favorite positions in the house, move over Dave and Heather, here come the Labradoodles!

Coulee’s Bartley of Banff, Alberta

Hi Paige,

Its been so long since I’ve been in contact, but thought I’d send you a photo of our beautiful Bartley!
He’s certainly growing into quite the large dog, and we love him dearly.
Thanks again, Kirstine

Thank you to the Bartram Family for the updated pictures of the handsome Sir Bartley, a gorgeous son of our Bruno and Kali!ImageImage