Monthly Archives: December 2011

Charlie Prancing in the Snow!

Charlie, a darling creme Australian Labradoodle, is loving her new home in Denver, Colorado!  Looks like winter has hit the southern Rockies! 

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

In our quest to bring on some winter SNOW, while begging Mother Nature to stop the WIND, we figured a few pictures of our doodles loving the snow would be appropriate!  Join us in our quest for snow, please send me some of your favorite pictures of your snow doodles, I will post the pictures for all to enjoy!  Email Paige at

Strike a POSE!

Gemma lives with her family in Calgary and her doggie brother, Sunny.  This gorgeous girl is a KayCee X Odin puppy, how I love the standards, she almost looks like she could be a Pony!  Thanks Roel and Mark for the updates and gorgeous pictures.

Christmas Labradoodles, check out No Collar Girl!

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Christmas Labradoodle Puppies, check out Ginger’s Orange Girl

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Christmas Labradoodle Puppies! Check out GInger’s Orange Boy!

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