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Charlie’s Angel’s Lil Teddie off to Washington!

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Coulee’s Buster meets his new family, we’ll miss you buddy!

Today was a busy day here at Coulee Labradoodles, Charlie’s Angel’s last pups found their way to their new homes.  Buster headed off with Alexis and James today, he will be missed.  Lil Teddie is off to Washington, I can hardly believe these pups are 8 weeks old, where does the time go?!

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Coulee Labradoodles Brucie!

Hi Paige, I just wanted to let you know that Brucie, yes my boys got their way, is doing just great.  He has taken over all our hearts and is such a good boy.  The first night he was a little sad but the last two nights he has slept the whole night through in his crate without any accidents or noise.  He is also very smart, as we are following the no water rule for three hours before bedtime but last night around nine he picked up his water dish and carried it to the sink and let out a little bark, I think we knew what he wanted and yes we gave in.  Tell Piper she must have given him lots of cuddles as he loves to cuddle with us and she will have to see him again soon.

Thanks Paige and family for the wonderful addition to our family.

Coulee’s Maddie is enjoying her new home, thanks for the pics Trish!

Hi Paige – attached are a couple of picture of Maddie.  The one that I’m in was taken in Lethbridge on Day 1.  The other one is at home.  She’s just starting to do the stairs but is better going up than down.  She was looking for help to go down when I took the picture!  Hope things are good there.


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Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Mellow and Cleveland Brown produced some amazing puppies, I will be meeting Renee from Holland this coming Tuesday, she will be meeting her new addition to her family in just 5 sleeps!  Enjoy the pictures of these delightful chocolate labradoodle babies:)©