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Coulee’s Maggie – Chocolate Australian Labradoodle

Hi Paige,

I hope you are well. Just thought I’d send you some pictures of Maggie. She was in the litter of 2 brown pups from Lilo and Bruno, born March 11/11. She has been such a joy and her temperament is as sweet as you said she would be-thank you! She has brought so much love to our family and my husband and 3 kids spoil her rotten. We were in Windermere for the summer and it was amazing because on our walk one day we met up with her sister (litter mate-Truffles). She is just as beautiful and as sweet as Maggie. I’ll send some pictures of the 2 of them as well. I’m sure they will be spending time together over the next few years. I also met up with Dexter (Chunk) and Lola at puppy school. They were born in a litter of 7 or 8 on the same day as Maggie- March 11/11. They are also very sweet! That’s my doggy update and I really appreciate you giving us a beautiful addition to our family, thank you!!! We love Maggie.

Take care,



Coulee’s Gia (Kali X Bruno) Puppy

Hi Paige, Attached are some recent photos of Gia hiking with us in Yoho National Park. She’ll be 6 months at the end of Sept and we absolutely love her. She is a special dog with a fantastic temperament. I followed the Monks book and she was housetrained using their kennel method and schedule in 30 days. I’ve been doing training with Clever Canines in Calgary and she can sit, lie down and stay – we are working on perfecting recall. She is such a great companion and its hard to imagine what we did before she came along– thanks so much for her!


Best Regards, Tracey and Dan , Calgary

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Charlie Pups are 4 Weeks Old

Hard to believe these little babies are 4 weeks old!  The pups are starting to explore their new environment, eyes and ears are open making exploring lots of fun.  Charlie is an awesome mom, spending lots of quality time with her babies making sure they are well fed and spotless!

Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies-5 Week Photo Shoot

Mellows’ puppies are doing amazing, growing like little weeds!  Puppies are weebling around now and trying out solid foods.  We can hardly believe it’s been 5 weeks, WOW!