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Gia, Angus, Stella

Hey, why are you just standing there? Let us in, PLEASE!




Coulee Labradoodles in the Netherlands!

Yesterday, Lola, Maya, Paris and I made a trip to Calgary to meet Mirjam of Holland.  Mirjam picked up these three girls to take back to their new homes in the Netherlands.  Lola will be joining Coulee’s Doodle with their human family the Neinhuis’s.  Here are some photos of Lola and Doodle meeting each other for the first time, best buddies already!

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Beamer in Germany

Hello  Paige ,   I just wanted to give you an update on our Beamer (Pascal named him) since he arrived in Germany.  His flight over with Pascal was amazing, he slept the entire 8.5 hrs in his crate at Pascal’s feet.  Then slept another hour in the car on the ride home.  He didn’t really wake up until Tuesday and has not slowed down since.  He is a big (11.3kg yesterday at the vet), fluffy, goofy, loveable,  wonderful boy.  We love him!  I  have attached a couple of pics of him in his more quiet times, he is difficult to photograph when he is playing.   He is doing very well on the Royale Canine puppy food, thanks for the tip.   I saw the pics of your latest litter they are adorable, it makes me want another one, maybe in a year or two.  Hope you are having a wonderful summer.   Renée

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